Managed Testing Solutions

we go beyond the stereotype definition of what is test management. Our focus on real-time test management in software testing and concern to define, evaluate and track quality goals at every stage within the stipulated project cycle make us a leader in this segment. Expertise in identifying best test management tools, formulating customized test management methodology and strategy, test cases management, making suitable test design and approach and effective handling of the test process are our hallmarks. Effective delivery module, managing test models and planning using open source test management tools and methodical approach to systematize and update testing life cycles make us reliable and trusted aide to clients looking for best software test management services.


The following are important features of Workmind's test management services.


Test Cases Management and Strategy:


An effective test case management and strategy is important as software testing process involves planning, execution and assessment of a number of testing activities. Workmind's offers the best possible test management methodology that coordinates and integrates all testing, dependency tracking and test asset relationships within the overall software development framework. While keeping in mind customer interest, budget and specific requirements, we use appropriate licensed and open source test management tools, including Test Link, Jira, VSTS, Test and Quality Centre, to manage the entire process and document test plan, resources, software chinks, roles, responsibilities and all testing activities. Our comprehensive test cases management and strategy focuses on choosing best test management tools that give uncompromising quality and impartial assessment of applications.


Test Design and Approach


Test design and approach is crucial for successful test management. The Workminds software testing team is proficient in chalking out customized test management methodology that is flexible enough to accommodate specific requirements of customers. Its test design and approach focuses on using the finest software test management tools, assured quality, fewer bugs, timeliness and no hitch. A complete break from traditional method, we use Behavioral Modeling and Orthogonal Array techniques that give maximum testing coverage with test suites of minimum possible size. Our innovative, systematic and concrete solutions underpinned by an actionable approach provides project managers, developers, testing team and end-users the best test management tools that guarantee projects going live with assured robustness, confidence, stability and functional consistency.


Test Models and Planning


We help client engineering teams plan and design their requirements, review functional designs and create data sets compatible with specific business logic or targeted end users. Workmind's experience in different test scenario ensure that clients get the best testing set and regression set goals without any fuss and have access to customized test cases. We also offer to support our customers through project risk analysis, project management, schedule planning and effective management of reporting plan.


Test Process


Workmind's follows a standardized test process with our proprietary QPledge™ framework, which is flexible enough to adjust itself according to suggestions made by customers and existing methodology and process they use. The entire test process from inception to designing and execution focuses on organizational objective, business goals, cost, quality, time and other important parameters that are as much important as the need for validation. It takes into cognizance the test strategy, all test specifications, design and development of test cases, schedule planning, execution, documentation, test analysis, reporting process and test completion. Test process reflects total adherence to the master test plan and its sub-processes at every stage.


Coordination & Communication


Coordination between the test team and communication at every stage is paramount in successful completion and test management of software testing. Best test management tools or assembling of best professionals cannot give the desired result if there is no proper coordination and communication between team members.  Workmind's test team boasts high quality performance and resources to respond to external requirements, communication urgency, and execute inter-team responsibilities successfully. It has the technical expertise, domain and hierarchy of analysts, engineers, and management professionals imbibed with an aptitude to become the best.


Testing Estimation


Accurate testing estimation is the forte of  Workmind's Our years of experience in different sectors can be an advantage for new clients looking for near perfect estimation of dynamic test activities. We are fully aware of pros, cons and usability of rapid top-down testing estimation. Experts in  Workmind's breakdown the work structure and identify additional effort, resources and time required for examining all issues apart from the test execution by following bottom-up estimating techniques. Our test planning and design method is crafted keeping in view test control activities, unique nature of software, and implementation of automation tasks at every possible stage to cut time and cost.