Consulting Services



Our repertoire of services spans the following areas of IT Consulting:


Project Governance Design & Analysis


We custom-design projects by collaborating with clients and by offering:

  • Management consulting

  • Business analysis

  • Data analysis and Database design

  • Technical writing and documentation

  • Project outsourcing


Application Development


Our team has undertaken various development projects for our clients in the areas of 

  • Microsoft .Net, C#, C++, C, VB.Net., VB Script, ASP.NET, SQL

  • Java/Swing/JNI/RMI/Java Beans/EJB





Reusable framework 


We have developed a reusable framework put into use by various brokerage firms.  Our reusable framework, object-oriented in structure, is akin to the Java Beans-based framework.  Its structure allows it to function independently of any specific data source or application.  It is able to easily attach itself to new data sources and present the data in various forms to the user.  The framework can also be easily customized to incorporate dynamic business requirements.


Web-based Solutions

We also offer services in the areas of Internet Solutions, E-Business, and Web-based applications (see E-Business Solutions).  We perform:

  • Security analysis

  • System-sizing

  • Internet application selection

  • Web page design and development

  • Quality analysis and coordination

  • Implementation of projects


The technologies used are:

  • AJAX, ASP/JSP, VB Script, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT

  • Java, CGI/ Perl, Flash, ActiveX

  • SharePoint, Microsoft IIS, Apache, WebSphere, Cold Fusion and iPlanet.

  • SQL Server, Oracle.


Networking Solutions

Our network designing and support include the following services:

  • Network Planning and Design & Implementation of Contingency Programs

  • Project Management with Cost-effective Evaluations

  • Troubleshooting and Systems Maintenance

  • Analyzing Networks and Assessment of IT requirements

  • Planning, Implementation, and Migration of technologies.


Client/Server Architecture

We provide system-based architecture for the design of hardware and software associated with Client/Server Systems, heterogeneous networks, and/or Internet/Intranet environments. Bridge applications in CORBA and RMI have also been undertaken to produce data exchange with legacy systems. Distributed components based on EJB architecture have been developed which make use of server processing, thereby reducing the client processing to a minimum and resulting in faster, more extensible systems.


Business Intelligence (OLAP and ETL)

  • Cognos

  • Business Objects / Crystal Reports

  • MicroStrategy

  • Hyperion

  • Microsoft Analysis Services

  • SAS

  • Informatica

  • Data stage

  • Ab-Initio

We maintain and support a pool of highly professional experts in the field of Information Technology.  Rich skill sets and varied experience make our consultants unmatched in the industry.  They combine their extensive technical expertise with strong business focused leadership.  These skills enable our consultants to collaborate with clients in assessing and understanding the full scope of the project and client’s business and technical requirements.